About This Site

This is the web site for all my personal projects and technical articles.
The goal is to publish many of my technical notes in one centralized location for simple access from anywhere and on any platform without special software.

1995-2006 Telecommunications

Starting in the mid-90s we created automated provisioning systems for voice and data products. It is during this time we developed the DataFrame protocol buffer, asynchronous messaging tools, Instrumentation API for ARM and ARTIS and a simple threading/scheduling model. Dealing with parallelized processing of tasks across over 800 applications was a big part of our requirements.

2006 Smart Grid

Assisted a green-tech start-up develop products for the utility industry. Developed several tools to load components into embedded Java SBC devices. Created toolkits to implement security for products supporting an electronic security perimeter (ESP) around all critical components. Worked with protocol mediation of many different devices to the core system products.

2008 Demand Management

Developed and deployed residential load control using remote devices to control the duty cycle of HVAC units in coordination to on-site temperature sensors. Gained valuable experience dealing with SCADA systems to retrieve data from and send commands to field devices. Created tools and libraries for securely mediating data with devices in the field.

2010 DER Management

Worked with large government contractor to create Distributed Energy Resource (DER) management systems, building on the tools created to support Demand Management programs. DER included generation (renewables), storage and load control to improve grid stability, lower costs and participate in markets during times of peak demand.

2015 ITSM Deployment

Assisted the replacement of an ITSM solution with ServiceNow, including the replacement of over 30 integrations of both in-house and business partner systems. Utilized lessons learned from Telecommunication and Utility projects to model efficient integrations with external SaaS instances to internal and external (business partner) systems.

Technical Articles
Less of a web log and more of a collection of my technical notes for future reference, the Blog section contains articles published in hopes they may be of use to others.