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Call an Ansible Playbook Without an Inventory File

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Call Ansible with an IP address or hostname as the inventory (-i) argument.

The trick is to append a "," (comma) to the hostname or IPv4/v6 address on the command line:

$ ansible all -i host.example.com, [the rest of the directive here…]
$ ansible all -
i,  [the rest of the directive here…]

To run a playbook for just one host, make sure the hosts directive in the playbook contains all and call ansible-playbook like the above:

# Requires 'hosts: all' in your playbook
$ ansible-playbook -i host.example.com, playbook.yml

In both cases, the host parameter preceding the comma can be either a hostname or an IPv4/v6 address.

This works because if Ansible notices a comma, it thinks it is a list of hosts, but you are actually only defining one.

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